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We are a concern of consulting associates with the primary objective of enhancing business opportunities for our clients by delivering sound consultancy services to evaluate commercial potentials of ideas, services, products, concepts, and ventures. From outlining the commercial strategy to execution and assessment of current product performance and future potential, we are here for you. 


QUERY’s operating model is based on 5-key components that define us the way we work and the way we partnering with our valued clients. Our strategic focus is not to positioned ourselves as a low-cost provider but to bring cost efficiency and time to market for the clients for a sustainable business relation and value proposition.

We believe in the power of brands. And, we connect brands with customers. A brand can become a part of the audience, a symbol for a subculture. Our primary role is to create attention and get your brand message and promise delivered consistently.
Quality is just the opposite side of the coin whatever we do. Mentoring & monitoring the field force and evaluating the quality of work are the continuous part of the expert team.  

QUERY is more committed to providing better service in order to gain goodwill while it has the necessary competence and capacities. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm to make a difference. Mid and Senior level of the QUERY team is widely experienced from telecom and other large corporate houses in the country and abroad. Other teammates are chosen from the relevant research and PR companies locally. Thus QUERY is equipped with the right tools and resources and has the capabilities to carry out any study and promotional campaign across the country. 


Brick by brick

We began our amazing journey in February 2013, till then quality is just the opposite side of the coin whatever we do. Mentoring & monitoring the field force and evaluating the quality of work is a continuous part. We believe in us, the people building QUERY brick-by-brick.  We have 16 Field Supervisors and 650+ Field Investigator network covering 64 Districts and all over the Thanas in Bangladesh. Our dedicated FI's are not only well educated but smart enough to take the drive from capturing insights to seamless execution.


A winning team

We work as a team where talents devote their knowledge and understanding to design a product for the local market keeping consideration of the global market. The team pays the due diligence to local cultural practices with positive alignment to the global market. Our team wins by making the clients winner and we forge win-win relationships to achieve joint commercial success. We are here for you to serve the best at all times. Total 275+ completed projects where 511462 sample covered.



QUERY is a promising and fast growing market insights, consulting and solution provider. Established by a group of Telecom professionals with diverse Commercial, HR and IT exposer, QUERY has teamed up with market & social experts, researchers and nationwide contract field-forces serving diverse industry leaders and social associates. Over the period QUERY has done the strategic partnership with internationally and locally renowned organizations & companies.

We don’t believe in “one solution fits all”, but we always create customized solutions for our clients in order to address and track their critical business issues. We work very closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs so that we are able to customize our solutions and products to meet their long-term business goals. We strongly understand that it is not just about a good solution but it has to be an effective solution that delivers results to our clients. We consider our clients’ feedback a gift. As such, we recognize the importance of understanding and measuring our clients’ view of satisfaction as a whole.


Member of Bangladesh Marketing & Social Research Society 
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